• November 30, 2022 12:33 pm
  • Cardiff

Trikon’s mercury spillage kit is ideal for spill control in the lab and industrial settings. Outstanding mercury vapour management is provided by this spill kit, which is quite effective. This Trikon’s mercury spillage kit, which is for minor spills, contains absorbent powder, safety gear like goggles and latex gloves, and essential cleaning supplies like wipes, a dustpan, a hand sweeper, and a disposal bag. Get all the supplies you require to clean up the spill by learning how to pick the appropriate spill containment kit from Trikon. The spill-absorbing powder converts mercury to zinc amalgam, inhibits potentially dangerous mercury vapours, and makes it simple to sweep up stabilised mercury and store it in the included disposal bag. The Trikon’s Mercurial Spill Kit is lightweight, strong, and doesn’t need to be mixed. It also includes cleaning wipes to disinfect hands, tools, and surfaces.


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