• July 20, 2022 12:35 pm
  • Leeds

Get rid of that dirty and carbonised exhaust emissions (Dirty Particle Filters) which will reduce your engine’s power output and emissions, or worse; increase it. We unblock the DPF and we can give you a quote for Diesel Particulate Filter Replacement Service, or we can do a complete DPF Re-fit Service.

With over 20 years of experience, Decoke is a leading DPF Cleaning Company in Wakefield. We offer complete service for Carbon Repair and Renewal, Carbs Unblocking and Refurbishing and TerraClean Service. Our knowledgeable team has the skills required to diagnose your problem and provide you with a thorough explanation of your options. Whether you need an annual service or more frequent services, we will make sure you are kept up to date with all you need to know about your car’s exhaust system.


  • Category : Auto Services
  • Service Type : Car Maintenance


  • DPF Cleaning in Wakefield
  • Carbon Cleaning Wakefield
  • TerraClean Service Wakefield
  • Car Diagnostics & Repairs Wakefield
  • DPF Unblocking Wakefield
  • DPF Refurbishing Service Wakefield

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